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    25 Books (3 Series)
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    March 2014
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    June 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Alfie Bowman Novellas

1 - An Unlikely Hero (Mar-2014)
2 - Missing Without Trace (Mar-2014)
3 - An Unnecessary Murder (Mar-2014)
4 - Who Kidnapped Billy Bumble? (Mar-2014)
5 - A Complete Fiasco (Apr-2014)
6 - A Handsome Stranger (Apr-2014)

A Slater & Norman Mystery

1 - Death Of A Temptress (Aug-2014)
2 - Just A Coincidence (Oct-2014)
3 - Florence (Mar-2015)
4 - The Wrong Man (Jun-2015)
5 - The Red Telephone Box (Sep-2015)
6 - The Secret Of Wild Boar Woods (Dec-2015)
7 - A Skeleton In The Closet (Apr-2016)
8 - The Kidney Donor (Jul-2016)
9 - What's In A Name? (Jan-2017)
9.5 - An Innocent Victim (Dec-2018)
9.6 - The Mysterious Death of Archibald Lewis (Oct-2019)

A West Wales Murder Mystery

1 - A Body on the Beach (Jan-2022)
2 - A Body Out at Sea (Nov-2022)
3 - A Body Down the Lane (Nov-2022)
4 - A Body at the Farmhouse (Jun-2023)
5 - A Body in the Cottage (Oct-2023)

Book List in Order: 25 titles

  • Thirty years ago, ten year old Simon Younger left school after choir practice to catch the bus home, but instead of catching that bus home he seemed to vanish into thin air. The police enquiry at the time went nowhere fast, focusing on just one main ...

  • Living in a small town, tucked away in the south of England, unremarkable average guy Alfie Bowman has been heard to describe himself as a refugee from a failed life, and definitely not hero material!When he stops in his local pub for a couple of pin...

  • When local police detective, DS Dave Slater stumbles across a murder scene, key evidence soon seems to indicate unlikely hero Alfie Bowman is suspect number one. Slater's boss, DI 'Nasty' Nash, is only too pleased to grasp this opportunity for reveng...

  • When hopeless petty thief Billy Bumble is arrested and taken away in handcuffs by a vengeful DI Nash, Billy’s wife Allison turns to amateur sleuth Alfie Bowman, the only person she feels she can trust. But, when Alfie contacts his friend DS Dave Sl...

  • Rumour has it London gangster Slick Tony is hiding out in Tinton and the Serious Crime Unit's DI Jimmy Jones has been sent to lead the manhunt. Blissfully unaware that he has already crossed paths with fugitive Slick Tony, Alfie unwittingly discovers...

  • One missing woman.

    Two scapegoats looking to put the record straight.

    After being made the fall guy for the Serious Crime Unit’s incompetence DS Dave Slater is suspended from duty. Bored out of his mind sitting at home, all he wants ...

  • How can a body appear in the middle of a patch of long grass without leaving tracks? It couldn’t just drop from the sky, could it?

    Even as Slater is examining the scene a dog arrives carrying a stick. Or maybe it isn’t a stick. In fact, ...

  • What if you had a guilty secret?

    Something in your past you’d rather no-one else knew.

    How bad would it have to be for you to commit murder to keep it quiet?

    A little old man has been found dead in his home. It’s sad, but the...

  • Who is most likely to kill a woman?

    It’s more likely to be someone they know, not a stranger.

    Fingers are soon pointing at murdered Diana Woods’ ex-husband, Ian, who appears to be everyone’s prime suspect. But Dave Slater has his...

  • Everyone dreads such a phone call.

    It’s the middle of the night. Dave Slater has just been awakened by the news his work partner’s home is on fire, and there’s a frightening possibility to consider.

    Is his friend asleep inside th...

  • An eight-year-old girl is missing!

    It's the sort of phone call every police officer dreads.

    Dave Slater is fed up. His girlfriend is off travelling the world, his trusty partner Norman could be retiring, and to top it all off, his boss...

  • Who doesn't have at least one skeleton in the closet?

    But if you have more than one, which will rattle loudest?

    Dave Slater returns to work after an injury to find himself embroiled in yet another disciplinary shambles. His interrogati...

  • It was an open and shut case.

    Or, was it?

    When a homeless man is found burned to death in a rubbish skip, police assume it was probably just a tragic accident. But when former Detective Dave Slater (now just plain Mr) arrives back from...

  • What’s in a name?

    It turns out to be quite a lot.

    For their first case as Private Investigators, Slater and Norman have been asked to look into the seemingly innocent death of an elderly man found dead in his home. Tinton Police coul...

  • Detective Sergeant Sarah Southall always jokes about wanting a juicy murder to investigate, but when the body of Miriam Daniels pops up the day after Sarah returns from maternity leave, the phrase ‘Be careful what you wish for’ seems appropriate....

  • It's the year 2000. Newly appointed Detective Constable Dave Slater has spent the evening at home congratulating himself on getting through his first two days as a detective without mishap, but as he climbs into bed, his phone starts to ring. It's a ...

  • When is a funeral not a funeral?In October 1960, 20-year-old soldier Archibald Lewis was buried quietly, perhaps even secretly, in a discreet out-of-the-way spot in Tinton cemetery. With no family to mourn him, only a handful of people were even awar...

  • They say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but some gifts are just so unexpected...In the thirty years since his birth, Flutter had never seen or heard from his father. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, he's been left a house in the old...

  • Detective Norman is out of retirement and back solving murders.He's asked to mentor a team of misfits in a sleepy Welsh seaside town. But training has barely begun when a woman's body washes up on the beach at Llangwelli.It turns out to be local woma...

  • Detective Norman is out of retirement and back on the beat in a rainy Welsh seaside town. Llangwelli might be short on sunshine, but it's certainly not short on murders . . . Norman may seem a bit old-fashioned, but he's always willing to learn from ...

  • A battered body. A missing handbag. A false confession?The call comes on Monday afternoon. About to demolish a row of derelict cottages, workmen discover a body in the bedroom of Number 9. A young woman, expensively dressed in designer clothes. It's ...

  • A lonely widower. A body in a stream. An impossible puzzle. It's an ordinary Tuesday morning when pensioner Alun Edwards turns up at Llangwelli station. He doesn't want to make a fuss but he's worried about his friend Gareth. Every Monday, they meet ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

P.F. Ford has published 25 books.

P.F. Ford does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A BODY UNDER THE BRIDGE, was published in June 2024.

The first book by P.F. Ford, Missing Without Trace, was published in March 2014.

Yes. P.F. Ford has 3 series.