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    4 Books
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    June 1990
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    October 1993
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Multi-Author Series List


12 - Far Country (Oct-1993)

Renegade Legion

Damned If We Do... (Jun-1990)
Frost Death (Mar-1992)
Monsoon (Dec-1992)

Book List in Order: 4 titles

  • With hypervelocity missiles and nuclear artillery raining down from the sky, young Lieutenant Roglund Karstil grows up fast on the battlefield. Commanding a platotin in the Renegade Legion, his craft is destruction and his tools are the fearsome gray...

  • Commonwealth intelligence has hatched a harebrained scheme. The mission: take out the TOG command center on the other side of Caralis by sending a small strike force over the southern pole. Success could turn the tide of war on Caralis, but failure m...

  • In the year 6830, the galaxy is at war: The Merchant Races exploit the material wealth of every planet they colonize with complete disregard for the indigenous population. The Terran Overlord Government ruthlessly crushes any opposition to its total ...

  • FIRST STRIKE Sho-sa Yubari Takuda leads a Draconis Elite Strike Team, one of the Combine's elite commando units. Well versed in techniques of conventional and unconventional warfare, even MechWarriors respect and fear the prowess of these deadly w...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Peter L. Rice has published 4 books.

Peter L. Rice does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Far Country, was published in October 1993.

The first book by Peter L. Rice, Damned If We Do..., was published in June 1990.

No. Peter L. Rice does not write books in series.