Terms and Conditions ~~ Peter Benjamin

Terms and Conditions by Peter Benjamin
A powerful thriller that looks into the heart of a cynical, greedy world where everything - and everyone - has a price. Wall Street is soaring and so is the share price of Trident Drug, an economic giant that dominates the world pharmaceutical stage. The word is that they have discovered the cure for AIDS. When Carlos Penn, the scientist responsible, disappears, Dublin financial analyst Joe Grace finds himself under pressure from one of his key investors. Reluctantly Joe agrees to hlp find the missing Penn. But on a quest that takes him deep into the heart to Mexico, Joe finds more than he bargained for...Joe Grace's riveting search for Carlos Penn is a classic adventure story set against the background of Wall Street and an international medical conspiracy. Spanning the globe, this powerful thriller looks into the heart of a cynical, greedy world where everything, and everyone, has a price. Full Synopsis
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