Blind Justice

Who could kill a man of God?

A fire breaks out in a chapel, and DCI Warren Jones  is alarmed by what is discovered at the scene. Curled up in the ash and debris is a body – and it’s soon clear that the chapel doors were locked from the inside.
The disappearance of a local priest, Father Nolan, and a cryptic note left in his room, point to an unusually violent suicide. But when further evidence confuses the picture, Warren begins to suspect foul play – and murder. Clearly, someone wanted this seemingly innocent man to suffer.
And when a discovery on a quiet riverbank sends the investigation reeling, Warren knows he must act quickly to discover who is behind this spate of grisly deaths – before another man of God is found dead.
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The DCI Warren Jones series
1 The Last Straw
2 No Smoke Without Fire
Blood is Thicker than Water (Novella)
3 Silent as the Grave
A Case Gone Cold (Novella)
4 The Common Enemy
A Deadly Lesson (Novella)
5 Forgive Me Father
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