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  • In this handsome book, you will meet the Hendersons, who live on a Southern plantation with their children in 1853. You'll also meet Daddy Major, Rosena, Scipio, and Cicero, slaves who work in the Big House and in the cotton fields. Full-color photog...

  • Enhanced with photos and full-color illustrations, this book provides middle readers with an up-close look at the workings and day-to-day operations of a Louisiana cotton plantation during the time of slavery. Reprint....

  • Great for classroom lessons on the Oregon Trail and Westward Expansion!In 1853, the Larkin family loaded up their wagons and headed west in search of a new life. But how did they do it? What did they eat? How did they survive sickness, and attacks fr...

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    Materialising in what appears to be a jungle on Earth, the Doctor, Steven and Dodo soon realise that things are not what they seem: the sky is made of steel, and the jungle merely a colossal life chamber in a craft that has embarked on the most impor...

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Ark (1987)
Doctor Who (Mar-1987)

Award-Winning Books by Paul Erickson

Daily Life in a Covered Wagon
1995 Reading the West -- Children's