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    16 Books (1 Series)
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    January 1965
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    January 2014
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Full Series List in Order

Book of Wirrun

1 - The Ice Is Coming (Sep-1977)
2 - The Dark Bright Watr (Mar-1979)
3 - Journey Behind the Wind (Feb-1982)

Book List in Order: 16 titles

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  • A mentally retarded boy thinks he has bought a race track for three dollars, and until a solution to the problem can be found, only the patience and understanding of his friends keep him from being hurt by the realization of the truth....

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  • WHEN THE MOUNTAIN CRIED Wirrun was a man of the People, the aborigines of Australia. He was young and educated in the ways of the whites. But when the mountain cried for help, he heard. For the Ninya, the ancient ice-spirits, were seeking to bring...

  • Once again, Wirrun the young Australian Aborigine is called to free his land from an alien red-eyed thing whose master steals men's spirits, though he is sidetracked when his wife is reclaimed by her water-spirit sisters....

  • Despite the precautions of the old aborigine woman she calls Granny, fourteen-year-old Jo falls under the spell of a secret thing in the Australian hills, a girl endlessly alive and crying for the death that will not take her...

  • Sarah May and Peggy Bell were best friends. They had arguments as best friends do, but they soon made up again. That is until one day a fight about a tree-house develops and soon involves Mr and Mrs Bell, Mr and Mrs May and the fire brigade too....

  • Andy Hoddel was different from other boys. He never really understood the game they played, in which they 'owned' the factories, the library and the police station in their town, but he longed to tell them he owned something too.  Then he met an...

  • Great Bites for Girls is a collection of four popular Aussie Bites stories compiled especially for girls.The Sugar-Gum Tree by Patricia Wrightson, illustrated by David CoxSarah Bell and Penny May were best friends. Sometimes they had fights, but a...

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Award-Winning Books by Patricia Wrightson

A Little Fear
1984 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award -- Fiction & Poetry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Patricia Wrightson has published 16 books.

Patricia Wrightson does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Great Bites for Girls, was published in January 2014.

The first book by Patricia Wrightson, Down to Earth, was published in January 1965.

Yes. Patricia Wrightson has 1 series.