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    October 1980
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    September 2006
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Book List in Order: 9 titles

  • Angry because he was confined in a school for disturbed juveniles for two years after witnessing a murder, upon his release eighteen-year-old Michael seeks to prove his innocence by tracking down the killer only he saw....

  • Gr 4-7 Home from school with strep throat and abandoned by her best friend, Martha Lewis is befriended by the class weirdo, Teddy Winterrab. He brings her school assignments and teaches her how to use a Ouija board. After contacting some enterprising...

  • Eager to find a place to keep the stray dog he has found, Teddy promises his frightened neighbors that he will rid their house of its ghosts, and he and Martha, along with Phyllis the Blot and a witch-like woman enter the haunted building...

  • She’s dreaming of a dead Christmas When Nancy disappeared, Rose started having dreams. She dreamed that Nancy came to visit her. Only something was different about Nancy. She was dead. Then Nancy’s body is found, and another girl is reporte...

  • Spending Christmas in a small hotel on the beach does not seem like much fun to Martha, but when she and Teddy investigate the theft of a bracelet, the two friends discover mystery and excitement on the boardwalk...

  • Casey, Gena, and Maryann can think of a way better use of a week than a senior trip to Washington, D.C. Casey's plan is simple. Ditch the trip to D.C., camp out at her parents' amazing cabin in Delonga, and accidentally "run into" Lane and his friend...

Award-Winning Books by Patricia Windsor

The Sandman's Eyes
1986 Edgar Allan Poe Award -- Juvenile

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Patricia Windsor has published 9 books.

Patricia Windsor does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Nightwood, was published in September 2006.

The first book by Patricia Windsor, Killing Time, was published in October 1980.

No. Patricia Windsor does not write books in series.