Beloved Stranger



  • Medieval


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With Beloved Impostor, a novel "wrought with emotion, tender in its telling, and heart-wrenching in its beauty" (The Best Reviews), bestselling author Patricia Potter launched a trilogy of three Scottish brothers bound by a dark destiny. Now, she returns with the story of Lachlan Maclean, a man who has lost his past and faces an uncertain present of peril and an impossible love.

Once Kimbra Charlton rode side by side with her bandit husband. But after his untimely death, she has lived at the mercy of his thieving clan. To protect her daughter and keep her home, she must follow their wishes, even if it means scavenging from the bodies of the dead on a battlefield. But when she comes across a wounded Scottish warrior, she cannot leave him to die...

Unable to remember anything about his past, Lachlan Maclean is haunted by fleeting images of violence and betrayal even as he is nursed by the spirited English widow, who hides him in her cottage and heals his wounds. The feelings that Kimbra stirs in his broken soul give him the will to survive. And though Lachlan is her sworn enemy, Kimbra slowly warms to his quiet strength. But a Scotsman killed her beloved husband--how can another claim her heart?
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