Ocean of Dreams



  • Contemporary


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Deep blue fjords...soft night winds...glittering stars. For Jenny Denton, a cruise to Norway held endless possibilities. Amid this ocean of dreams was the opportunity to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart after a broken engagement back in Atlanta. It was also her big chance to put together her first independent promotion campaign, based on the S / S Misty Seas, the beautiful ship that was cruising to Norway.

Although romance was the last thing on her mind, once she stepped aboard Jenny couldn't deny the charms of Officer Kirk Moen. With golden hair and eyes as blue and mysterious as a deep fjord, the gorgeous Norwegian was simply irresistible. As the ship sailed into the land of the midnight sun, Kirk showed Jenny how to capture love, startling her with kisses as intoxicating as the sweet, potent wine they shared.

But Jenny couldn't throw caution to the cool night winds above deck. She knew that Kirk was one of the legendary white wolves--the ship's white-uniformed officers who devoured young girls' hearts. When the Misty Seas pulled into port for the last time, would she be escorted to shore, kissed good-bye, and sent on her way, just like every other shipboard sweetheart?
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