By Flower and Dean Street


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'Genuinely witty horrors' - The Observer
London, the 1970’s. Jack’s back.
The Ripper, most brutal and secret of murderers, makes a ghostly reappearance in present-day London when two people find themselves mysteriously possessed.
Connie has the perfect life. Complete with a successful and loving husband and four children.
That soon changes with a birthday celebration, featuring a magician, at a local nightclub.
A black cloud descends upon her life, which everyone else is oblivious to.
Strange hallucinations, voices and disturbing shadows start to claim her mind.
All of which are indicative of the notorious Ripper murders.
Trying to convince her family and friends that she isn’t crazy is challenging. Especially as her behaviour becomes more erratic and she is hospitalised.
Can Connie discover the source of the hallucinations? Will she ever understand their significance?
Or will she be forever taunted by the voices in her head?
By Flower and Dean Street is a chilling horror story that keeps you gripped until the unpredictable conclusion. Patrice Chaplin’s awareness of the terrifying undertow of human life makes this novel a compelling and uncommonly chilling read.
Patrice Chaplin is an author, playwright, journalist and the producer of the BBC radio documentary on The Cabala in Spain. In addition to seven novels, including Harriet Hunter, Having it Away and The Unforgotten, she has written many short stories and plays for radio and television. She is the author of From the Balcony written for the National Theatre and Radio 3. Her novel Siesta, which is based on the years described in her volume of autobiography, Albany Park, has been filmed. Her latest book is Another City, a sequel to Albany Park.
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