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    January 1951
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    July 2017
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    From the author of the classic Alas Babylon comes this riveting story of a Marine captain and his soldiers and their arduous, difficult retreat from Changjin Reservoir to Hungnam during the Korean War -- a stirring portrait of courage and sacrifice, ...

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    Pat Frank's great novel of the end of the world and the day after.

    From the Back Cover:
    The day after the bomb dropped, the thousands of years of "progress" that had covered the treacheries and lusts of ordinary man with a thiin veneer o...

  • Best friends Sarah Brogan and Jim Conner have the perfect childhood friendship, but it is shattered by the devastating power of secrets as Jim uncovers the truth about Sarah's family. In an attempt to save Sarah and her brother, Jim exposes the truth...

  • In the first world, a world that existed long before ours, a world ruled by evil and greed, a band of warriors emerge from the dank, dark world of slavery. A band of mixed clans and mutants take up arms and rise to the call of freedom. They will figh...

  • The second child in a family of three girls, Dianne often feels neglected, overshadowed by her sisters. See the trials and triumphs of children born in the middle and how Dianne deals with her problems and overcomes them. Share Dianne’s hopes and d...

  • Porter Mason's young life is shattered when his beloved father succumbs unexpectedly to a heart attack, leaving Porter and his mother penniless and deeply in debt. Porter has no idea how bad it really is until the bankers come calling. When he goes t...

  • Originally published at the dawn of the Atomic Age, "Mr. Adam" is a riveting, chilling novel from the author of the post-apocalyptic classic "Alas Babylon,"  revealing the dangers of nuclear power -- and the far greater danger of government bureaucr...

  • From the author of the post-apocalyptic classic ALAS BABYLON, comes this eerie, cold war thriller. A young teenage couple having a rendezvous one night on a beach in Florida suddenly sees a submarine emerge from the ocean. Armed soldiers disembark...

  • From Pat Frank -- author of the classic apocalyptic sci-fi novel Alas, Babylon -- comes a political thriller set, and written, at the dawn of the Cold War, now back in print. In Pat Frank’s riveting, insightful, and thought-provoking novel, youn...

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Alas, Babylon
2012 Audies -- Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pat Frank has published 10 books.

Pat Frank does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, An Affair of State, was published in July 2017.

The first book by Pat Frank, Hold Back the Night, was published in January 1951.

No. Pat Frank does not write books in series.