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Stanley Hastings, the NY Private Investigator, is back in the swing of investigation. Playing it safe and toning down his investigations, however, doesn't work for him because he seems to be a trouble magnet. He becomes involved with an apparently innocent housewife/call-girl named Pamela Berringer. Stanley needs to help Pamela get out of the prostitution ring and retrieve an illicit video of her that is being held hostage by her pimp. Unfortunately, Stanley seems to be cursed and walks into the pimp's apartment while a slaughter is in progress. To make matters worse, Stanley is the number one suspect! Oh, what to do in this world of money, sex, and MURDER!

This is Hall's second novel and second in the series with protagonist Stanley Hastings, a down-on-his-luck writer who moonlights as a detective, as does the author. Stanley Hastings, hero, answers the call of chivalry and locks horns with street toughs and pimps. A murder suspect desperately seeks the real killer in a world of sex for sale, where money can buy anything-even sudden death.
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