Cry My Children Cry by Parmanathan Govender
Based on a true story of the plight of the Indians who were taken from India to South Africa, as so called 'indentured laborers," but were in fact slaves. They were taken to work as laborers on the sugar cane plantations. The long journey aboard the ship turned to nightmare when their British captain and crew memebers of the ship beat, raped women, tortured and murdered many of them. They were fed one small portion of rice dipped in salt water once a day. Many of them died of sickness and disease. The surviving slaves who did land in Natal, South Africa were in a very poor state of health, with many of them who could barely walk and had to be carried by their fellow passengers on a stretcher. Upon arrival they were sold to owners of the sugar cane plantations who had total diregard for human lives. The treatment was so harsh that many of them died from the beating they got by their white foremen. The subsequent struggle by the Indians under the Apartheid Government. Full Synopsis
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