Cherished Beginnings



  • Contemporary


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Their views on childbirth were as different as day and night

Maura McNeill needed a gynecologist, but not for the usual reasons. As a practicing midwife, she needed a doctor willing to sponsor her to a hospital and to be her backup in case of an emergency. Thinking it would be easier to get to know Dr. Alexander Copeland as his patient first before asking him for this favor, Maura found herself in his office about to be examined, but she panicked and ran. No way could she let Xan be her doctor--she was much too attracted to him.

Xan found Maura to be an enigma. He was drawn to her, but felt that there was something she was holding back from him, a part of her she would not reveal. He couldn't agree with her ideas about midwifery, but he had to find out the secret she was keeping from him!
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