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    5 Books (1 Series)
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    March 2020
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    January 2025
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Perfectly Parvin

1 - Perfectly Parvin (May-2021)

Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • Sohrab is the designated Sherlock Holmes of the Barnard Star, his spaceship home in outer space, where he has lived his entire life. When the captain of the ship announces someone has been stealing water rations, Sohrab and his brother Bruno are dete...

  • Fourteen-year-old Iranian-American Parvin Mohammadi sets out to win the ultimate date to homecoming in this heartfelt and outright hilarious debut. Parvin Mohammadi has just been dumped -- only days after receiving official girlfriend status. Not ...

  • Finding her voice takes on a whole new meaning when fourteen-year-old Azar Rossi sets out to win her local Battle of the Bands contest in this heartfelt and hilarious contemporary YA.Fourteen-year-old Azar Rossi’s first year of high school has...

  • On estranged twins Leila and Bianca's eighteenth birthday, Leila suddenly gains a djinn's superpowers, and the twins realize that their town can only survive the djinns' secret plans if they learn to work together as sisters. An action-packed YA fant...

  • A sharp and heartfelt picture book about a young soccer-loving girl who’s an interpreter for her Spanish-speaking parents.Some kids have one job: to be a kid! Cecilia has two. When she isn't on the soccer field scoring goals, she's accompanying her...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Olivia Abtahi has published 5 books.

The next book by Olivia Abtahi, The Interpreter, will be published in January 2025.

The first book by Olivia Abtahi, Secrets Aboard the Barnard Star, was published in March 2020.

Yes. Olivia Abtahi has 1 series.