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    14 Books (5 Series)
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    August 2011
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    November 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Adventures Beyond Dragon Mountain

1 - Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance (Dec-2016)

The Black Musketeers

1 - Book of the Night (Oct-2016)
2 - Sword of Power (Jul-2018)


1 - The Master's Apprentice (May-2020)
2 - The Devil's Pawn (Apr-2021)

The Gravedigger

1 - The Gravedigger's Almanac (Nov-2024)

A Hangman's Daughter Tale

1 - The Hangman's Daughter // The Play of Death (Aug-2011)
2 - The Dark Monk (Jun-2012)
3 - The Beggar King (Jan-2013)
4 - The Poisoned Pilgrim (Jul-2013)
5 - The Werewolf of Bamberg (Jan-2016)
6 - The Council of Twelve (Jun-2018)

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • Magdalena, the clever and headstrong daughter of Bavarian hangman Jakob Kuisl, lives with her father outside the village walls and is destined to be married off to another hangman's son -- except that the town physician's son is hopelessly in love wi...

  • 1660: Winter has settled thick over a sleepy village in the Bavarian Alps, ensuring every farmer and servant is indoors the night a parish priest discovers he's been poisoned. As numbness creeps up his body, he summons the last of his strength to scr...

  • 1662: Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of a village in the Alps, receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him: her throat has been slit. When the city constable discovers Kuisl alongside ...

  • 1666: The monastery at Andechs has long been a pilgrimage destination, but when the hangman’s daughter, Magdalena, her doctor husband Simon, and their two small children arrive there, they learn that the monks have far larger concerns than saying M...

  • In 1886, Ludwig II, the fairytale king of Bavaria, was deposed after being declared insane by doctors who had never met him. He died mysteriously soon thereafter, his eccentric and beautiful castles his only legacy. When an encoded diary by one of...

  • In 1668, hangman Jakob Kuisl, his daughter Magdalena, and her husband Simon travel to the town of Bamberg. But what was planned as a family vacation soon becomes a nightmare: a murderer in Bamberg is leaving the severed limbs of victims in the trash ...

  • An epic tale of murder, treachery, bravery, and love In 1524, in what is now Germany, hundreds of thousands of peasants revolted against the harsh treatment of their aristocratic overlords. Agnes is the daughter of one of these overlords, but she ...

  • In this thrilling adventure by bestselling author Oliver Pötzsch, thirteen-year-old Lukas has been trained as a swordsman by his father, a nobleman who was once a famed Musketeer. When the threat of war and accusations of witchcraft spread across th...

  • Welcome to Knight Kyle’s world! Beyond the great forest and towering Dragon Mountain lies Fairyland, a land of elves and trolls, dragons and giants, magicians and fairies. And in one corner, Fairyland East, lives Knight Kyle. Kyle’s great-g...

  • The year is 1672. Hangman Jakob Kuisl and his family travel to Munich, the cosmopolitan heart of Bavaria, for a meeting of the prestigious Council of Twelve, the leaders of the empire’s hangmen’s guild -- prestigious for dishonorable hangmen, at ...

  • A harsh winter is coming. With it, a dark and pitiless magic… Lukas wants only two things: to rebuild his castle home in time to make it through the coming winter and to reconnect with the sister who was stolen from him in a plot against his fam...

  • A young man’s destined quest becomes a dance with the devil in a mesmerizing retelling of the Faust legend by the bestselling author of the Hangman’s Daughter Tales series. It’s the fifteenth century and only heretics are curious about the u...

  • A showman’s fate is in the hands of the devil in an enthralling novel inspired by the Faust legend from the bestselling author of the Hangman’s Daughter series. Rome, 1518. The church is tarnished by greed. Peasants are rebelling. Tumultuous t...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Oliver Potzsch has published 14 books.

The next book by Oliver Potzsch, The Gravedigger's Almanac, will be published in November 2024.

The first book by Oliver Potzsch, The Hangman's Daughter // The Play of Death, was published in August 2011.

Yes. Oliver Potzsch has 5 series.