The Daring Duchess



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Mary Marshall, the beautiful young Duchess of Runceford, had a problem. Although her noble title and vast wealth attracted a swarm of suitors in the London Marriage Mart, they repelled the handsome, hot-tempered Charles Leigh, the Earl of Leighford, a country gentleman who was as proud as he was poverty-stricken.

Thoroughly disenchanted with fortune hunters, Mary donned a governess disguise behind which she hoped to hide her lofty and privileged status. Fortuitously, the earl's household was in need of such service and he brought Mary into his home. So it was somewhat of a dilemma when Mary discovered that her infuriatingly independent employer was just the kind of suitor she would want. And even when she did manage to work her way into his proud heart, how long could she stay there when he discovered she had deceived him-- for love... ?
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