The Official Nora Roberts Companion



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With insights into the #1 New York Times bestselling author's life, work and career and little-known facts about her most popular novels this beautifully designed book celebrates Nora Roberts's enduring legacy of powerful, passionate storytelling.

  • The books: a complete, cross-referenced list of Roberts's bookswith trivia, quotes, and family trees

  • The career: a timeline of Roberts's career, with a list of major milestones and quotes from some of her best reviews

  • The fans: inspiring true stories of how Roberts's books have changed her fans' lives, a list of fan clubs, photos of her with her fans, and "favorite" listsBest Kiss, Best Hero, Best Opening Lineall voted on by fans

  • The phenomenon: romance writers, industry-insiders, booksellers, reviewers, and fans talk about Roberts's success

    Plus, Roberts answers her readers' most frequently asked questions, reveals her favorite foods, music, and movies, and discusses the fine art of writing romance.
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    The Complete Nora Roberts Book List