Book List in Order: 13 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Circle of Light

1) Greyfax Grimwald (Apr-1977)
2) Faragon Fairingay (May-1977)
3) Calix Stay (Jul-1977)
4) Squaring the Circle (Sep-1977)

Wilderness of Four

1) Across the Far Mountain (Nov-1983)
2) The Plains of the Sea (Nov-1983)
3) On the Boundaries of Darkness (Nov-1983)
4) The Road to the Middle Islands (Nov-1983)

Windameir Circle

1) The Fires of Windameir (Dec-1987)
2) The Sea of Silence (Dec-1987)
3) A Wanderer's Return (Nov-1988)
4) Bridge of Dawn (Jan-1991)