Book List in Order: 65 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Antiques in Flight

1) Flight Risk (Aug-2013)
2) Flight Delay (May-2014)

Bad Boys of Last Stand

1) Homecoming for the Cowboy (Mar-2019)
2) Christmas for the Deputy (Oct-2019)

Badlands Cops

1) South Dakota Showdown (Mar-2020)
2) Covert Complication (Apr-2020)
3) Backcountry Escape (May-2020)
4) Isolated Threat (Jun-2020)
5) Badlands Beware (Jul-2020)
6) Close Range Christmas (Nov-2020)

Big Sky Brides

1) Bride by Mistake (May-2015)
2) Bride for Keeps (Apr-2018)

Big Sky Cowboys

1) Rebel Cowboy (Jan-2016)
2) Outlaw Cowboy (May-2016)
3) True-Blue Cowboy Christmas (Oct-2016)

Bluff City

3) Falling for the New Guy (Mar-2015)

Carsons & Delaneys

1) Wyoming Cowboy Justice (Oct-2018)
2) Wyoming Cowboy Protection (Nov-2018)
3) Wyoming Christmas Ransom (Dec-2018)
4) Wyoming Cowboy Marine (Apr-2019)
5) Wyoming Cowboy Sniper (May-2019)
6) Wyoming Cowboy Ranger (Jun-2019)
7) Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard (Jul-2019)

Carsons & Delaneys: Battle Tested

1) Wyoming Cowboy Marine (Apr-2019)
2) Wyoming Cowboy Sniper (May-2019)
3) Wyoming Cowboy Ranger (Jun-2019)
4) Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard (Jul-2019)

Covert Cowboy Soldiers

1) The Lost Hart Triplet (Oct-2022)
2) Small Town Vanishing (Nov-2022)
3) One Night Standoff (Mar-2023)
4) Shot in the Dark (Apr-2023)
5) Casing the Copycat (May-2023)

A Farmers' Market Story

1) Too Close to Resist (Jun-2014)
2) Too Much to Handle (Jul-2014)
3) All I Have (Sep-2014)
4) Too Friendly to Date (Oct-2014)
5) All I Am (Feb-2016)
6) All I Want (Sep-2016)

Gallagher & Ivy

1) So Wrong It Must Be Right (Mar-2017)
2) So Bad It Must Be Good (Aug-2017)

Mile High

1) Need You Now (May-2017)
2) Mess with Me (Sep-2017)
3) Want You More (Dec-2017)
4) A Nice Day for a Cowboy Wedding (Sep-2018)
4.5) A Cowboy Wedding for Christmas (Sep-2018)
5) The Trouble with Cowboy Weddings (Jun-2019)

Navy SEAL Cowboys

1) Cowboy Seal Homecoming (Jan-2018)
2) Cowboy Seal Redemption (Jun-2018)
3) Cowboy Seal Christmas (Sep-2018)
True-Blue Cowboy Christmas (Oct-2016)

North Star

1) Summer Stalker (May-2021)
2) Shot Through the Heart (Jun-2021)
3) Mountainside Murder (Dec-2021)
4) Cowboy in the Crosshairs (Jan-2022)
5) Dodging Bullets in Blue Valley (May-2022)
6) Undercover Rescue (Jun-2022)

Stone Cold

1) Stone Cold Texas Ranger (Jan-2017)
2) Stone Cold Undercover Agent (Aug-2017)
3) Stone Cold Christmas Ranger (Oct-2017)

Multi-Author Series List

77th Copper Mountain Rodeo

3) Keep Me, Cowboy (Oct-2015)

Copper Mountain Rodeo

11) Keep Me, Cowboy (Oct-2015)

Firefighters of Montana

3) Ignite (Jun-2016)

Montana Born Brides

3) Bride by Mistake (May-2015)

Tactical Crime Division: Traverse City

4) Hunting a Killer (Feb-2021)