Hell on Wheels



  • Contemporary


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Shay McKittrick: A moody trucker with miles to go--and one hell of a curvy detour in his way.

Cait Sawyer: A desperate woman with nowhere to go--and one tall, husky trucker to take her there.

When a half-frozen, barefoot woman, soaked to the skin, walked into the Amber Hills cafe one night, trucker Shay McKittrick knew she was trouble. But the ice-cold lady with the warm brown eyes later became his trouble when he found her huddled in his rig, desperate to make a quick getaway. And Shay had a feeling that he and his scared-to-death stowaway were headed down one long, bumpy road ....

AMERICAN HEROES: Men who give all they've got for their country, their work--the women they love.
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