Rowan Hood Returns



  • Medieval


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Guy Longhead. Jasper of the Sinister Hand. Hurst Orricson. Holt, also Orricson,, brother of Hurst. To anyone else, just four names. But to Rowan Hood, the gentle healer who has survived two long years as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest, they are he names of the so-called knights who murdered her mother. They are names fit to fuel hatred, set her aflame with desire for revenge. And so she leaves the rowan grove that had become her home, and along with the friends who form her outlaw band, she sets off to hunt down these men.

Yet, the going is difficult. The forest has turned on Rowan. No longer does she possess the powers to sense a sweetwater spring or to communicate with the spirits of the trees. Perhaps worst of all, no longer can she sense the presence of her father. Robin Hood. The closer she draws to the men who killed her mother, the farther she drifts from the healer she had become.

Nancy Springer has written a dramatic stirring final chapter to a series that has only grown stronger with each new tale.
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