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The monsters of our childhood do not fade away... - John le Carre
Vengeful undead. Demons. Hungry rats. These creatures and more haunt city streets, unlit hallways, deep space, and the corners of your imagination in Re-Terrify.
Send shivers down your spine with 18 horrifying tales from an international roster of authors.
Featuring fiction from Douglas Smith, Nancy Springer, James Dorr, Winston Marks, Lisa Lepovetsky, Eric Choi, Darrell Schweitzer, Meriah Crawford, Jonathan Shipley, Gregory L. Norris, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Greg Chamberlain, Kelly A. Harmon, David Hoenig, Steven R. Southard, Nicole Kurtz, Geoff Gander, and Gustavo Bondoni.
Re-Terrify reminds readers that monsters hide in the shadows and even the bravest person should beware of the dark.
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