Off to See the Wizard



  • Contemporary


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Sabrina's in for the shock of her life! When Sabrina is given a perplexing science assignment, her aunt Zelda suggests that she consult an old colleague of hers -- the Wizard of Menlo Park. Sabrina heads for the Other Realm Menlo Park, and discovers that her aunt's friend is Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor. Tom's down in the dumps -- he wonders if his inventions will ever amount to anything. Sabrina zaps Tom and herself to the twenty-first-century Mortal Realm so he can see how important his work is. But while Tom's in the future he goes techno-crazy! He turns on every light, has a DVD playing, and has the stereo blasting all at once! Tom's become the ultimate couch potato and absolutely refuses to return to his own time. Sabrina's going to have to convince Tom to go back before the future's left in the dark!
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