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    15 Books
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    September 2005
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    January 2019
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  • In a compelling story, movingly illustrated, the issue of animal abandonment is brought to life. Maggie, a pregnant lab mix, is left behind in her people's deserted house. Discovered by the realtor, Maggie is brought to the pound where her puppies...

  • �"A true success story. I just loved it. The Forgotten Rabbit will not be forgotten!”� -- Amy Sedaris, proud rabbit rescue owner for over 20 years

    With its compelling color illustrations and evocative descriptions, The Forgotten Rabb...

  • Robots help people in many situations. Some robots rescue people trapped by tornadoes or earthquakes. Others explore volcanoes and the seafloor. And some help scientists protect our environment. How might helper robots affect your life? Read this boo...

  • Robots help us understand our universe. Some fly to distant planets. Others work alongside astronauts in space. And some drive across the surface of Mars. How do these robots work, and what are they doing today? Read this book to find out! ...

  • Chris P. Bacon was born with malformed legs, but with the help of a wheelchair made of construction toys, he’s become a hero to people with similar challenges.

    Nancy Furstinger profiles Chris P. Bacon and many other animals in Unstoppab...

  • A heartwarming tale about a beagle and the Duchess who adopted him, this picture book is inspired by the true story of Meghan Markle and her rescue dog, Guy. When he was a pup, Guy was just like any dog in the shelter; he liked to bark and follow his...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nancy Furstinger has published 15 books.

Nancy Furstinger does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Duchess and Guy, was published in January 2019.

The first book by Nancy Furstinger, Cities, was published in September 2005.

No. Nancy Furstinger does not write books in series.