Death a L'Orange



  • Contemporary


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Forty-something homemaker Carolyn Blue is through with cooking and cleaning. She's finally decided to throw in the dishtowel -- and take on a dream job as food writer. Now her plate is filled with exotic locales, delectable foods, and even a dash of crime -- to taste. She could very well get used to this...

It's a culinary tour de France for Carolyn Blue and her family as they travel through Normandy and the Loire Valley with a group of academics. Where better to write about food than France? But before they even get out of the airport, an "accident" befalls once of the tour members. It's a sign of bad things to come. And soon, there's murder in their midst. Carolyn is once again investigating crime when she'd rather be investigating cuisine -- and trying to stay one step ahead of a killer with an insatiable appetite. C'est la vie...
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