Reinventing Julia



  • Contemporary


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July 19, 1983...
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers -- Seattle's Kennedys. Their "compound" -- elegant Forrester Square...until the fateful night that tore these families apart.

Twenty years later...
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered...

Bang, bang...thud! The banging outside Drew Kinard's apartment was the loosened grand-opening banner for his sister's new venture, Forrester Square Day Care. But the thud? Curious, Drew went to the door to find a pregnant woman slumped on the porch -- in labor!

Juliana Stanton begged Drew not to call 911. She lied, claiming to be on the run from her abusive, mob-connected husband...because the truth was even more unbelievable -- and more dangerous. Julia sensed Drew wasn't buying her story, but that didn't stop him from sweeping her into his strong, protective arms. She was least for now.
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