The Time Fount Project



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In the early 1990's, while many in the Western world celebrate the collapse of the Soviet Union, events begin to unfold within the heart of America itself which holds the potential to devastate this seemingly newly safe society. A group of covert agents, abandoned by their homeland superiors, continue to delve into the mysteries to be found at the very heart of time and existence, intent upon harnessing these immense powers in order to restructure a world they view to be on a quickening descent into chaos. At the same moment, another group of individuals are brought together by a private concern in the state of California to learn a truth about themselves which also borders on the unbelievable. Though most of the members of this second group have never met, they are all distantly related through the genetic line of an ancient European hero whose feats have long been dismissed as mythology. But the truth of these tales lies dormant within the bodies and minds of a few - a lucky few - of the assembled people, and their graduation into an almost supernatural state of physical ability arrives at the same instant when they will be most needed to face the awesome forces of nature released into the world by the Time Fount Project.
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