Embroidered Truths



  • Contemporary


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Full-time needlework shop owner and part-time sleuth Betsy Devonshire has already sewn up her share of crafty conundrums in the LISA Today bestselling Needlecraft Mystery series. Now, Betsy takes on her most difficult, dangerous, and deeply personal case yet...

After her friend Godwin has a nasty quarrel with his significant other, John, Betsy Devonshire finds herself with a roommate. But heartbreak turns to grief when Betsy and Godwin discover John dead in his home, and Godwin is arrested for the murder. Betsy sets out to prove him innocent, and finds that John had some dishonest dealings that made him a lot of money--and a lot of enemies. Now Betsy has to untangle a cat's cradle of lies if she's going to save Godwin...before the murderer decides to cut off all the loose ends for good.
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