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Gerald Hammond is the exception to the rule; an honorable spy, whose lofty principles have brought him nothing but loneliness and isolation. With the war in Europe at an end, Hammond returns to Washington only to find his unit disbanded and his wife moved out of the marital home. Ostracized by the Washington elite, publicly humiliated by an unfaithful wife, and scorned by former friends and colleagues, he is forced to take a mundane job with an insurance company. . .
But then comes the call. The State Department wants him to rescue a young woman, trapped in Soviet East Germany. Should he succeed a plum job at The State Department awaits. Desperate for deliverance from his humdrum existence, Hammond accepts the assignment. He heads into enemy territory, unaware of the sinister force that sponsored his mission or of the unseen dangers that lie in wait. He only knows that he must somehow save the girl to save himself, but as his enemies close in, and ever-more disturbing revelations come to light, Gerald Hammond begins to wonder which poses the greatest threat. . . The enemy he runs from, the friend he runs to, or the girl he was sent to save? "Fast paced thriller with lots of action - I couldn't put it down " - Amazon Reviewer "Delicious spy novel, bold and graphic." - Amazon Reviewer "A tremendous book - a definite page turner"- Amazon Reviewer "This is the best spy novel I have read in quite some time" - Amazon Reviewer "I purchased this based on the reviews, and it exceeded expectations" - Amazon Reviewer "And be warned, there's bad language, sex, sadistic murders, regular murders, etc. in this book. It's a spy novel...stay out of the kitchen if you don't like this kind of heat." - Amazon Reviewer
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