All Things Being Seen
  • Published:
    Oct-2019 (Hardcover)
    Oct-07-2019 (Release)
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    Print / eBook
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All Things Being Seen is a family drama about fragility, in all its forms
In Michael Frank’s propulsive debut novel, Henry Weissman is a renowned New York physician specializing in reproductive medicine who harbors a secret. He is giving a series of lectures in Florence, where he is accompanied by his nearly eighteen-year-old son, Andrew, a budding photographer who resists his father’s controlling nature.There, Andrew meets Costanza Ansaldo, a mysterious and alluring half-American, half-Italian translator who has come to Florence on the first anniversary of her husband’s death. Andrew and Costanza strike up an intimacy, which mystifies and unsettles Henry, who quickly becomes infatuated with Costanza himself, as she eventually does with him.
What starts as a classic oedipal triangle between a father, a son, and a beautiful woman morphs into something utterly unexpected as the three of them return to New York. Back in America, as the larger family dynamic becomes increasingly strained and Costanza tries desperately to conceive, Henry’s secret is revealed, with shattering consequences for everyone involved.
From cutting-edge fertility technology to devastating familial betrayal, All Things Being Seen is a novel about the fragility of our closest relationships, of the human body, and ultimately of trust. It is also a masterful consideration of fatherhood, loyalty, and legacy.
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