What About Charlie?



  • Contemporary


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What about Daddy?

Clint Blackwell was the local hero when it came to handling young troublemakers. When the rugged cowboy met that rascal Charlie Whitney, he knew the little guy only needed lots of love--the kind of love Clint had been saving for the son he'd always wanted. But it wasn't long before standing in as the boy's father had Clint longing for the love of Charlie's mother .. . .

Candace Whitney was worn to a frazzle by her six-year-old son. Leaning on Clint's strong shoulder was quite a relief. She just wished the sight of those big, broad shoulders didn't make her knees go weak. Falling for Clint, she feared, could mean trouble for Charlie. Candace wasn't about to risk her child's heart for the sake of her own.
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