Demon Moon



  • Contemporary


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National bestselling author Meljean Brook returns to the sensual netherworld of Demon Angel for a startling romance of eternal love threatened by the consuming darkness of a Demon Moon...

No one would call vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont kind. but one would call him unnaturally beautiful. For two centuries his tainted blood has kept him isolated from other vampires, sustained only by his beauty and vanity -- bitter comforts. since a curse erased his mirror reflection. replacing it with a terrifying glimpse of Chaos.

Savitri Murray's insatiable curiosity has gotten her into trouble before but she's always escaped unscathed. Then Colin comes along. In the midst of Heaven. he gives her a taste of ecstasy -- and of Chaos, Deadly creatures from that realm herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and Colin and Savi's bond is their only protection -- and their only passion
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