The Tomboy



  • 19th Century
  • Victorian


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In the heart of Texas lives a family as big and bold as the state itself The Daltrys are as different as they come, each with his or her own strengths--and weaknesses. Every time a Daltry turns twenty years old, they are presented with a task by their grandmother. These challenges are intended to teach them about character--but they often learn quite a bit about lone along the way...

Allie Daltry is the tomboy of the family-but her grandmother has a plan to make her into a proper lady. For her birthday labors, Allie is to bake a seven-layer cake, sew a fancy dress, and mind her sassy niece! When Allie trades her baggy britches for lacy dresses, something happens. All the fine fellows who thought she was "one of the guys" notice that she's different indeed. Even Hal, her best friend and riding partner, is smitten with the new Allie. But Allies known Hal since they were babies--he's like a brother to her. So why is she trying to make Hal jealous... and why is she turning to him for "lessons" in kissing?
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