• Dark Ages


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Heartthrobs, Hunks, and Heroes... They make your heart race and inspire your most secret fantasies. They're your favorite heroes from movies and television, and they're about to make your dreams come true. Ten of today's top romance authors create wonderful new stories of love that bring to life these irresistibly sensual men... In the contemporary thriller, Never Been to Anphar, a mysterious undercover agent, who deliciously resembles Harrison Ford, rescues a woman from terrorists. In Bridge of Dreams, a lonely French teacher travels to Paris to see if the man she once loved, who could be Daniel Day-Lewis's double, remembers a promise made a decade before. In Moon Over Miranda, Kevin Sorbo's Hercules is the model for a superhero racing against time to save a princess before he transforms into a beast. In each lush, fabulously romantic setting, from King Arthur's court to the Old West, a hunk of a hero sweeps you away to passion and adventure.
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