Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Vol. II



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The highways and byways of Ansalon are being ravaged by war.

As the War of Souls rages, vast armies and powerful wizards vie for control of Krynn. But despite the deeds of the mighty, it is the common people who must endure the great hardships of war.

Bertrem of the Order of Aesthetics, keeper of the Great Library of Palanthas, gathers accounts of everyday life in Ansalon as it is forever changed by the War of Souls.


The Last Testament of Bertrem the Aesthetic
"Heroes of the Lance -- Everywhere" by Don Perrin
"A Journey to Shcallsea" by Stan!
"The Insurrection that Never Was" by Stan!
"River Supply of Silvanost" by Don Perrin
"A Legionaire's Journal" by Mary H. Herbert
"The Building of Teyr" by Don Perrin
"Excerpts from the Personal Journal of Aldreth Myger, Knight of the Lily" by Mary H. Herbert
"Investigation on the Affliciton of Kender" by Don Perrin
"Search for the Shadowpeople" by Don Perrin
"The Urkhan" by Don Perrin
"Mirage" by Mary H. Herbert
"Lessons of Sun and Sand" by Don Perrin
"Letters from a Son to his Father" by Mary H. Herbert
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