Fortune's Mistress



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Never one to give in to the vapors, spirited London beauty Marianne Gardiner regarded her scandalous predicament with accustomed aplomb. She was with child and, as the father was soon to wed another, Marianne was quite prepared to make her way alone. In a remote country village, under an assumed name, she knew she would find the anonymity and solace she sought.

Instead, she found handsome, charming Dr. Alden Venables. How delightful it was to have a friend, someone who did not judge or condemn. But Marianne didn't realize that the good doctor harbored a surprising secret of his own. Would it jeopardize their future happiness together? Or could the wounds of the past be healed by a lope truer and more wonderful than either could imagine?
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