Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This



  • Contemporary


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In her steamiest, most emotional novel yet, the national bestselling author of Somebody's Gotta Be on Top continues the story of gorgeous playboy heir Darius Jones and irresistible material girl Fancy Taylor. The timing is finally right for things to heat up--but what they discover about one another may surprise them...
"Money can't buy happiness." Fancy's heard that one before. And she still doesn't buy it--no matter how many times it's been proven in her own life. Take, for instance, her doomed relationship with wealthy Byron, or Harry, or Adam...and they're just for starters. But with Darius, things are going to be different. This time Fancy's going to get to know the man before she gets intimate with him...then she'll get her share. Too bad she doesn't know Darius is no longer on top--financially, anyway.

As far as relationships go, Darius has a past of his own. Currently, he's praying that he isn't the father of estranged wife Ciara's expected baby--or anyone else's. Even if he were interested in fatherhood, he can't afford it. His wealthy parents have taken control of his business. With his bank accounts dwindling, Darius is forced to make some big changes.

Meanwhile, Fancy is making some changes of her own. She's soaring in a new career as a realtor and is determined to improve her difficult relationship with her mother. She's also resolved to stick to her plan regarding Darius--even if it means risking losing him.

But when Darius gets in trouble with the law and his name hits the headlines, he learns who his real friends are, and Fancy is number one. Until she makes a shocking confession that renews Darius's lifelong distrust of women--starting with his lying mama.

To quell his heartache, Darius focuses on life as the ultimate player. But nothing and no one can make him forget Fancy. She's his soulmate. She's the woman he wants to spend his life with--if only he can make things right. If only he can make her believe that nothing has ever felt like this....
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