Kingfisher's Tale



  • Contemporary


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Meet Misfits, Inc. Investigations: Peter, the genius; Jake, the athlete; Byte, the computer whiz; Mattie, the “magician.”
These four teenage super-sleuths have a knack for uncovering and solving unsolvable crimes. When the Misfits explore the national forest near Byte’s family cabin, they discover several dead kingfisher birds―an endangered species. Suddenly the four teenagers find themselves in the middle of a terrifying ecological mystery and a looming political scandal.
As Peter, Byte, Jake, and Mattie investigate what is killing the birds, they are threatened and even shot at. With the help of a young reporter, Rebecca Kaidanov, they uncover a vast political conspiracy and find their own lives in danger.
Featuring an engaging group of outcasts with varied interests, each book in the Misfits series offers an intriguing mystery, supported by Delaney’s well-paced plot and believable dialogue, that will keep readers captivated to the very end.
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