Book List in Order: 12 titles

  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That's the old adage in the 'hood. But what happens when your friend is your enemy? All hell breaks loose in Snake Eyes. Mark Anthony weaves a dramatic street tale that will leave you on the edge of yo...

  • You do want me to go Niles, believe me you really do want me to go. Staying here would be so bad, so bad for you. You don't understand the danger, you can't understand and I can't stay here. . . I'm sorry.Evil and merciless, Leviathans attach to soul...

  • The Pale King has been defeated, his legions decimated. The Dark God Mohg has been destroyed. And the evil corporation, Duratek, has been disbanded, foiled in its efforts to strip-mine the world of Eldh. And for our heroes, three years have passed in...

  • The enigmatic Shemal has known only two Runebreakers. One, her rival Kelephon, served the Pale King and his army of apocalypse. The other was Travis Wilder, the Runebreaker of prophecy. Now, in outcast and newly made Runebreaker Larad, Shemal has...

  • A twist of time has left Runebreaker Travis Wilder and three of his otherworldly friends stranded on 1880s Earth in a lawless Colorado mining town. As they search for a way back to their own time, Grace Beckett--in present-day Eldh--journeys to a fro...

  • Travis Wilder and Grace Beckett have returned to modern Earth to get medical help for Beltan, a knight from the otherworld of Eldh. But as Beltan lies the ICU of a Denver hospital, a shadowy organization plots to kidnap him, and sinister forces of da...

  • From an exciting new master of fantasy comes the second novel of an epic tale filled with dangerous magic, dark mystery, and unrelenting suspenseThe Keep Of FireTravis Wilder has returned from the otherworld of Eldh, hoping to settle back into his hu...

  • Reality is unraveling in the dusty Colorado town of Castle City. Strange symbols are carved into storefronts, and ancient legends come to life. Saloonkeeper Travis Wilder is handed an ornate iron box and a mysterious mission. And in Denver, where dea...

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    A Vast and Deadly Labyrinth... Beneath the city of Waterdeep lies a city of another sort, created by a mad wizard in ages past. Its subterranean byways are home to all manner of creatures, human and otherwise. When Artek the Knife is offered release...

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    Mari Al'Marin and Caledan, the unlikely pair of heroes from The Crypt of the Shadowking, return to match wits against the revived legacy of the Shadowking, which threatens all of Faerun. Original. 75,000 first printing....

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    In the bell tower of Nartok Keep there lives a monster. At least, so it is whispered in the village below. But Wort is no monster. He is merely a man--gentle and lonely, his form hideously twisted by fate. When a good deed earns Wort only the revi...

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    The evil Zhentarim attempt to take over the richest of the Caravan Cities, and Harper agent Mari Al'Marin and ex-Harper Caledan try to foil the wicked plot. By the author of Kindred Spirits. Original. 100,000 first printing....

Complete Series List in Order

Last Rune

1) Beyond the Pale (Nov-1998)
2) The Keep of Fire (1999)
3) The Dark Remains (Oct-2001)
4) Blood of Mystery (Mar-2002)
5) The Gates of Winter (Jul-2003)
6) The First Stone (Aug-2004)

Multi-Author Series List

Forgotten Realms

Crypt of the Shadowking (Apr-1993)
Curse of the Shadowmage (Nov-1995)
Escape from Undermountain (Feb-1996)

The Harpers

6) Crypt of the Shadowking (Apr-1993)
11) Curse of the Shadowmage (Nov-1995)

The Nobles

3) Escape from Undermountain (Feb-1996)


9) Tower of Doom (Nov-1994)