Keisha and the Johnsons



  • Contemporary

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Keisha Wright has just turned thirty and left her drama-filled twenties behind her. She's met the man of her dreams in sexy, salt-and-pepper businessman, 46-year-old Russell Johnson. He's asked her to marry him, and they've recently purchased a house in Alexandria, Virginia. Like Keisha, Russell is a former player, but he has honestly decided to settle down. Unfortunately, they have one obstacle in front of them: their families.

Kevin Johnson is Russell's youngest son. He's the spitting image of his old man, and he knows it. The problem is Kevin's got a drinking problem, and even worse, he has major daddy issues.

Enter Rusty Johnson, Russell's oldest son and, in a most inconvenient coincidence, he's also Keisha's former college lover. He's the one who got away, and Keisha needs to sort out her feelings in a hurry before she walks down the aisle.

As if discovering that her fiancé is the father of her former lover isn't dramatic enough, what will Keisha do when she finds out Russell also had an affair with her mother, and her father is well aware of it?

Can Keisha and Russell make it through a rehearsal dinner, a bachelor and bachelorette party, and say their vows without someone's heart being broken---or worse?
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