Ain't Karma A B!Tch



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Kenya Halliday is not above seizing any opportunity to play her games and secure her future, even it means stabbing loved ones and friends in the back. Kenya is the type of woman with her eye on the prize and does not worry about who she has to step on or hurt to get what she thinks she deserves out of life. She thinks that life is a series of mind games and the person that plays the best will win. Men are lured in by Kenya’s sexy body and the innocent that she portrays. Kenya knows that her body will never fail to please and can bring any strong man down to his knees. Kenya motto is “I am a brick house with the beauty and the brains to match”. Throughout her life Kenya always believed that karma was some old wives tale that her mother and other old women in the church preached about, she believed that karma only happens to those that believe in it. Will Kenya become a victim of karma or will she live her happily ever after?
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