The Promise of Jenny Jones



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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The one and only thing Jenny Jones doesn't do... is lie.

Jenny Jones was a mule driver, a buffalo skinner, and, in self-defense, a killer-not a baby-sitter. Yet when a rich dying woman offers to take Jenny's place in front of a firing squad-in exchange for bringing her six-year-old daughter safely to California-Jenny gives her solemn oath. It won't be easy. Graciela hates her on sight. The kid's greedy, gun-toting relatives are soon hot on their trail. And there's a certain tall, handsome complication...

Ty Sanders thought that looking for his brother's long-lost daughter was a fool's errand. That was before he stumbled upon a tough-as-nails young woman battling desperadoes to protect the kid. Now all Ty wants is for Jenny to hand over his niece. But Jenny Jones has a suspicious nature and a promise to keep. Plus her word is all she has-until a little runt of a girl softens her defenses...and a rugged cowboy steals her heart when she isn't looking.
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