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    6 Books
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    January 1985
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    May 1997
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    As a staff designer for a prestigious greeting card firm in Kansas City, Bethany Clark had a keen appreciation for composition and color. Lately, however, her life had been a monochromatic study in gray. And while visiting the observation deck of a c...

  • Fearing the tabloid claims that the latest appearance of Halley's Comet will result in the end of the world, young Annie promises herself that she will accept any other kind of bad luck if the comet passes without harming anyone. Original....

  • One hundred years before the American Revolution, young Robert Bradford joins a group of Virginia plantation owners who wish to protect their land against Indian attacks and also sever ties with England....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Madge Harrah has published 6 books.

Madge Harrah does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, My Brother, My Enemy, was published in May 1997.

The first book by Madge Harrah, Call of the Dove, was published in January 1985.

No. Madge Harrah does not write books in series.