Chase the Wind



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Elizabeth Johnson was a woman who knew her own mind. Not for her an arranged marriage with a fancy lawyer from the East. Defying her parents, she set her sights on the handsome young sheriff of Twin Rivers. But when Dusty's virile half-brother rode into town, Beth took one look in to the stormy black eyes of the Apache warrior and understood that this time she must follow her heart and not her head.

Before she knew quite how it happened, Beth was fleeing into the desert with Chase the Wind, fighting off a lynch mob -- and finds ecstasy beneath starry skies. By the time she returned home, Beth had pledged herself heart and soul to Chase. But with her father forbidding him to call, Dusty engaged to another, and her erstwhile fiance due to arrive from the East, she wondered just how many weddings it would take before they could all live happily ever after....
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