Immortal Ever After ~~ Lynsay Sands

Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands
New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands delivers a wickedly fun Argeneau novel featuring a vampire ready to claim his mate and the beauty who resists her fate!


Valerie Moyer doesn’t believe in vampires -- until she is kidnapped by a fanged psychopath! After escaping her bloodthirsty captor, she’s through with creatures of the night. Until she finds herself under the protection of the darkly handsome Anders. Not only is she expected to accept that Anders is immortal, but also that she is the woman destined to be his life mate!

. . . OR DOES IT?

Anders felt a connection to Valerie from the moment he cradled her bruised body in his arms. But before he claims her, he must destroy the vampire who almost stole her from him forever. His job would be easier if Valerie didn’t fight him every step of the way. Still, Anders loves a challenge, and the green-eyed beauty is worth fighting for!
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Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands
Argeneau Series Book 18
The serious and solemn Anders has met the woman he can’t read after living his six hundred plus years. He had watched many of his fellow Enforcers meet their life mates in the past few years, causing their numbers to dwindle. They became rather useless during that first year or so, one kiss could turn their minds into a lustful mush. He was fine without it, or so he thought before he met his mate. Now to convince her that not all men who drink blood are like the man who had held her hostage.

Valerie Moyer was trapped in a situation and had determined to escape. Being held captive by some sicko, who thought he was a vampire, was not how she wanted to die. She fought back and won. Now she finds herself in a safe house with a man who's body is the furthest thing from safe. And his kisses…..his kisses turned her into a wanton hussy sex addict.

Once again we get to see some favorite characters from earlier books, such as the always scowling Lucian and his chipper wife, Leigh. Justin Bricker, the young one of the group who never can get enough food and others. The book was humorous as always, maybe even more so. Give a girl like Valerie a mallet and duct tape and it’s a regular one woman comedy show.
**Sexual content
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