To Trust A Stranger ~~ Lynn Bulock

To Trust A Stranger by Lynn Bulock
A faded childhood photograph of the Barker girls was the only clue found at a crime scene. But it didn't explain who'd want Jessie Barker's sister dead. The snapshot brought back memories of another tragedy, shrouded in mystery, that left the Barker girls orphaned as children. Jessie had to find out what happened to her beloved sister, but she'd have to trust a stranger with a twenty-five-year-old story that no one had ever believed. Yet detective Steve Gardner did believe--and with God's help he would aid Jessie in her dangerous quest for the truth.... Full Synopsis
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Book 1

The Mystery:

The book begins when our main character, Jessie, and her sister are young. Her father is killed, her mother runs away, and the car is pushed over the cliff and burned. They are told to forget it. This is a good set up to what was a promising mystery. And where you think it's going to go isn't. There were several surprising twists to this story. I can't really say much about the content without giving something away, but by the end my head was spinning and I'm not sure I really understood much. I thought this was a pretty intense book for a Love Inspired. I've read a lot of Love Inspired, and am just starting in the suspense so maybe this line will be more intense as a rule.

The Romance:

It was really secondary. The investigator, Steve Gardner, who came to Jessie's door and gave her the bad news was instantly attracted to her. He knew the rules of the department - can't date one of his clients in the investigation - but there was just something about her. He did break his rules a few times and became more protective of her. The romance was small but sweet and in the end it all worked out (would we ever expect it any other way?)

This was a good first experience for me. I think I've read one other suspense book and I didn't enjoy it as much. The only real complaint I have is that I didn't understand why Steve let Jessie go out on her own when she was in so much danger - especially when he didn't want to let her out of his sight...When that happened, I was like...huh? But then I guess it had to happen that way for the events to come about (and I'm not revealing any big secrets - that they way it always happens in the movies and mystery books).
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