The Master's Touch



  • 19th Century
  • 1820's-1830's


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A tiny moan escaped Teresa 's lips as she heard him whisper, "Cara mia." And she let his mouth cover hers in a kiss so fierce, it demanded more....

With her wild raven hair and sensuous Mediterranean beauty, Teresa Verdi had little trouble catching the practiced eye of Lord Brandon Kincaid, an art collector and patron of her famous artist-father. When Brandon brought Salvatore and Teresa from Venice to live and work at his elegant English manor, he was unaware that the brilliance and thrilling imagination he thought he had discovered in Salvatore's art secretly belonged to Teresa. Although this flawless Venetian beauty tried to conceal her deception from Brandon, she could not conceal her desire for this strong, handsome nobleman, whose searing kisses and soft caresses educated her in love's dazzling lessons...and awakened a sweet fire that would not stop burning....
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