Sweet Kate by Lucy Gillen
The feud between the Montagues and Capults was no more bitter than that raging between old Mrs. Jeavons and Mr. Yearby -- so when Mr. Yearby's great-grandnephew Tim fell in love with Mrs. Jeavons' nurse-companion Kate, there was bound to be trouble.

But did Kate care enough for Tim for it to matter anyway?

Mills & Boon

The feud between the Montagues and Capults was mild compared to that that had been raging for so long between those two stubborn old people, Mrs. Jeavons and Mr. Yearby. So when Mr. Yearby’s great-nephew Tim fell in love with Mrs. Jeavons’ attractive nurse-companion, Kate Mason, there was bound to be trouble, and the two young people decided to keep the whole thing a dark secret for as long as they could. But was that altogether necessary? For although Tim was sure of his feelings, Kate was not entirely certain about hers. Otherwise why should that maddening David Leyton occupy so much of her thoughts? Not that David was showing much sign of interest in Kate, when beautiful Lila Brown had clearly marked him for her own. And anyway, what about the very chic, very charming Mrs. D. Leyton who had just booked in at the local inn, and was seeing so much of David?
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