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  • It's the 1,111th anniversary of when Princess Celestia first raised the sun, and Twilight Sparkle knows just how to celebrate: with a play starring Princess Celestia herself! The only problem is Princess Celestia can't act! Can Twilight Spark...

  • A brand-new adventure awaits our Equestria Girls at Camp Everfree and you can read all about it in this exciting storybook! This storybook comes with an exclusive postcard! Camp Everfree is in danger of closing down! It's up to our Equestria Girls...

  • Stand firm and prepare for a big fright because Nightmare Night is here! Everypony is excited for this spooky holiday-except Fluttershy. She'd rather snuggle with cuddly animals than creep with sinister skeletons, but she'll do what it takes to spend...

  • Hearth's Warming Eve is a very special time when ponies gather to honor the founding of Equestria. However, when Applejack's and Pinkie Pie's families celebrate the holiday together, they soon realize that not everypony has the same tradition! ...

  • Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle still don't have their cutie marks! They join the school newspaper to find out if writing might be their talent. What will the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn at the Foal Free Press? ...

  • Join Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the ponies as they celebrate the beginning of spring! It's time to clear away the clouds, plant flower seeds, and wake up hibernating critters. Illustrated with charming stills from the hit TV show, ...

Multi-Author Series List

My Little Pony (8x8)

Hooray for Spring! (Feb-2015)
Happy Haunting (Jul-2016)

My Little Pony

Hooray for Spring! (Feb-2015)
School Spirit! (Jul-2015)
The Reason for the Season (Nov-2015)
Happy Haunting (Jul-2016)
The Legend of Everfree: Save Our Camp (Sep-2016)
Princess Celestia's Starring Role (Sep-2019)

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

The Legend of Everfree: Save Our Camp (Sep-2016)